Mosen Cleaning Services Limited

Our Company

Mosen Cleaning Services Limited is in the business of providing detailed cleaning services. The company started its operation over 14 years ago and has a staff strength of 75 individuals who are well trained to meet your specifications.

Our Staff

Our employees are recruited personally by our experienced management team. A comprehensive series of security checks are carried out to ensure that our operatives are trustworthy and reliable.

Our Operation

In addition to our normal on-site training, all employees are provided with full written instructions detailing their precise cleaning duties. This information illustrates clearly to the individuals,their daily and weekly cleaning tasks.

Where two or more operatives are required on site, Contract Services Limited provides a working supervisor to oversee the operation. The supervisor’s responsibilities include quality control,stock control and automatic cover for staff absences. .

Staff are provided with a handbook, which acts as a point of contact with the supervisor (or information reference point) and provides a system for daily troubleshooting of minor problems.