Mosen Cleaning Services Limited
Cleaning is an essential part of caring for your leather furniture. It not only removes dirt and oils (which can, over time, break down the leathers protective coating) but will also help to maintain the moisture balance in the leather. This is important for keeping the leather supple,making it less likely to absorb spillages.

Mosen Cleaning Services Limited has the experience in removing & restoring;

1. Paint/Biro marks.
2. Restoring scratches & tears.
3. Cigeratte burns.etc
4. Removing moulds and fungi.
5. Jeans & dye transfer.

We clean, protect & maintain all forms of leather, suede & newbuck in homes, offices, cars, hotels, clothings, clothing accessories, airplanes, boats etc.

Training: We provide training in Leather care services.

Product sale: We also sell leather cleaning products.